Tua Engineering Ltd. is a small European company specialised in Water Treatment with a particular emphasis on seawater  filtration for membrane desalination. Tua Engineering can handle all aspects of water treatment  excluding treatment of waste.  Tua Engineering was set up in 1998 principally to provide  consulting services in the field of membrane desalination based on the knowledge gained in this field by its founder Ing. Arthur Tua. Over the years Tua Engineering has diversified and started  manufacturing a number of products including large GRP  (fiberglass) Filter Vessels, Industrial Reverse Osmosis units,  Softening Systems, Static Mixers, Filtration Systems among  others. We are also equipped to handle most water treatment problems. For the local Maltese market we can provide a wide range of  water treatment consumables including filters, softening salt, RO anti-scalant, coagulants, etc.
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7 units TPTO140—140 elements by 40” -  Ghar Laspi SWRO Malta
850 cu-m/day water softener - Tripoli Libya