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Domestic Softeners
Water is considered "hard" if it contains a lot of calcium or magnesium  dissolved in it.   Hard water impacts the way you use water. It can cause "scale" to form on the inside of  pipes, water heaters, calorifiers, boiler, and kettles, affecting performance and efficiency of  your appliances. Hardness also reduces the soap's ability to lather. Since most cleaning  procedures use soap, hard water makes a bath, shower or laundry less productive.   One of the solutions to hard water is to use a water softener.  We carry 2 softener models appropriate for domestic use, the SFC008T (8L Cabinet) and  the SFC021T (21L Cabinet). The model which suits your needs depends on the hardness of  your water and the volume of water used per day. We shall test your water and advise you on  which model is the most appropriate for you. Email us for a quote or more info.  
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